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Turn AI-Backed Insights into Optimal Media Coverage

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Influence With Intelligence

Advanced Analytics
for Professional PR Teams

Tired of wasting your time pursuing media contacts that go nowhere? Mira Insight can
help. Leveraging state-of-the-art analytics, our intuitive, end-to-end platform was
designed to help communication professionals work smarter.

Use Actionable Data to Your Advantage

Make Intelligent, Impactful Connections

Improve Outreach Initiatives and Pitches

Automate Key Workflows & Messaging

Advanced Analytics for Professional PR Teams

Effective Coverage Isn't Created
In A Vacuum...

Increase your likelihood of a successful pitch with Mira Insight today.

Prioritize high-value relationships

Build relationships that last by pitching only to the influencers and reporters most likely to be in-sync with your client’s values and brand.

Obtain relevant coverage

Obtain relevant coverage

Not all storytellers are created equal. The Mira platform helps you identify and pursue the best fit for your specific media coverage strategy

Keep your clients happy

Establishing your clients as thought leaders doesn’t just help enhance their media profile - it boosts their brand’s bottom-line profits too.

There's A Smarter Way
To Run PR Campaigns

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