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Media List Manager

& Efficient

Easily build, update and manage media lists
on the fly as you surf the web

Lists By Mira Insight

On-the-Go Intelligent Media List

Purpose built for PR professionals, Media List Manager is a intuitive browser plug-in that gives users
the ability to quickly create personalized media lists while browsing the web.

See a news story relevant to your client? With one click, you can add the author to your
curated list, automatically import useful information about their work, and start strategizing the perfect pitch.

Build Quality Media Lists Quickly
Build Quality Media Lists Quickly

Build Quality Media Lists Quickly

Mira's intuitive one-click list-building capability takes the stress and guesswork out of creating and customizing high-ROI media lists.

Effortlessly Collect And Compile Relevant Data

In addition to capturing email addresses, social media accounts, and geographic reach, Mira provides an influence rating score that measures their impact.

Effortlessly Collect And Compile Relevant Data
Organize & Share Lists with Your Team

Organize & Share Lists with Your Team

Create multiple media lists, add private insights, clip relevant stories to entries, export data to CSV files, and share everything with your team.

Optimize Your Approach
with a Lists Pro Subscription

Extend your team’s capabilities and unlock all Lists features.

Securely Enrich Existing Media Lists

Need to build on your existing lists? Upload the existing content to our platform and Mira will automatically fill in missing or outdated info.

Intelligently Grow Your Lists with AI

Mira’s powerful AI analyzes the reporters currently on your list to recommend a curated pool of similar journalists and influencers.

Ensure Accurate, Up-to-Date Content

Stay a step ahead of reporter turnover and industry changes with constant updates that keep your list accurate, relevant, and evergreen.

Media List Management Has
Never Been Easier

Find the perfect plan for your communications team today.



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