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About Mira

Mira is a college start-up focused on creating innovative, purpose-built software solutions for communications professionals.

Combining advanced AI technology with media industry experience, we make connecting with relevant journalists and influencers easier, faster, and more efficient.

About Mira

Lean, Lightweight, and Flexible

Our end-to-end discovery and workflow tool was developed with input from PR professionals - we want to reduce your stress not add to it!

Driven by Data and Analytics

Mira prioritizes quality over quantity - a handful of curated, highly relevant storytellers are worth more than thousands of random influencers.

Powered by People

At the end of the day, PR is a people-oriented business. Our automated solutions are designed to maximize the impact and value of your human teams.

The Mira Platform

Lists By Mira

Media List Manager

Media List Manager browser extension gives you the ability to quickly and efficiently build and manage media lists while browsing the web. With one click, you can add the author of a relevant news story to a personalized list, automatically extract key information and share the results with your team.

Mira Insight

Mira Insight

Our flagship product, the Mira Insight platform provides communication professionals with a powerful one-stop solution for discovering relevant reporters/influencers, building new connections, automating key workflows, optimizing your media coverage strategy, and measuring the end-to-end results.

We Are Supported By

Founded by a team with experience in journalism, software development, and data analytics, Mira is committed to creating the next generation of end-to-end PR tools.

Weiss Tech House
National Science Foundation
Venture Labs

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